Doctor Centrifuge- Parts, Uses, Repair, Price, and Contact Details for Purchase

Doctor centrifuge is a portable type of laboratory centrifuge. Since it is mostly used in hospitals and clinics, the term ‘doctor’, is applied to it. It works on the principle of centrifugation which I have explained, in the topic of the centrifuge. Since it is also a type of laboratory centrifuge, you can go through it, to know more about the doctor centrifuge. In this topic, we will talk about the major components of the doctor model machine. Besides that, we will also talk about the uses, maintenance, price, and contact details for you to purchase the machine.

Doctor Centrifuge Parts

The parts of the doctor model centrifuge mainly include the rotor and the motor. Besides that, it can include a power cable, step speed regulator, power indicators, etc.

Based on the models and the companies there are few variations in the sizes of the rotors. Some of the commonly found sizes of the rotors are as follows.

  • 4 tubes, 15 ml capacity rotor
  • 6 tubes, 15 ml capacity rotor
  • 8 tubes, 15 ml capacity rotor
  • 24 tubes, 15 ml capacity rotor

Among all the available rotors the 8 tubes, 15 ml capacity doctor model centrifuge is mostly used. Also, the rotor is mostly a fixed angle type.

The five-step speed regulator is available in these kinds of machines. You can rotate the knob at six different points. The five steps are used to control five different speeds. The other step is to set the speed to zero. As the knob rotates in the clockwise direction, the speed also increases.

In terms of speed, it may not have any digital display. Hence, you will not be able to set at the precise speed. Besides that, it does not provide a higher speed. Based on the models, the speed normally ranges from 3500 to 4000 rpm.

Doctor Centrifuge Uses

As stated before, it is a type of laboratory centrifuge. So, the uses of doctor centrifuge model machine are also the use of the laboratory centrifuge.

The only problem with the doctor model is that it does not provide higher centrifugation. Thus, it limits the number of applications that can be possible with the help of other kinds of a laboratory centrifuge.

Some of the uses of the doctor centrifuge are stated below.

  • Useful in the blood sample separation in the pathology lab.
  • Useful in the biology and the chemistry labs of the schools and colleges.

Since it is very small in size, it supports only a few samples at a time (such as 4, 6, or 8 tubes). So, unlike other kinds of laboratory centrifuges, it is useful for small hospitals or clinics where the sample load is low. Also, it can be used in other hospitals as a backup.

Doctor Centrifuge Repair

The doctor model centrifuge machine is simple to operate. However, during a longer period of operation of the machine, it can undergo few problems. Here we will discuss the method of treating those defects.

1. Noise

The noise and the vibration are two of the major concerns for every kind of centrifuge machine. The noise can occur due to multiple reasons. Some of the reasons include:-

  • Unbalancing of the centrifuge.
  • Rupturing of the armature of the motor
  • Improper size of the carbon brush used in it, etc.

I have explained the method of balancing the centrifuge machine in the topic of a laboratory centrifuge.

The size and the shape of the carbon brush can differ. It may be cylindrical or rectangular in shape. So, you need to put a proper carbon brush in the machine for its proper operation. If the brush is too big, it may break down. Also, the armature of the motor may rupture easily. Similarly, if the brush is too small, the motor may not operate properly.

2. Speed Regulation

In the case of the analog doctor centrifuge, you may face the problem of speed regulation. While rotating the knob of the 5 step speed regulator, the motor may rotate at one step and may not rotate in the other steps. So, in such a case, you need to replace the speed regulator with a new one.

Due to the rusting or any kind of blockages in the motor, it may not operate at full speed. In such a case, you can use rust removing agent and the grease to smoothen the rotation. If the problem is not solved even after doing so, you may need to change the machine.

Doctor centrifuge price in Nepal

The price of the doctor model of centrifuge can differ upon a number of factors. Some of the factors can be as follows.

  • Country of manufacturer
  • Transportation
  • Brand
  • Features

We are not the authorized distributor of the doctor centrifuge. Hence, we will not be able to give an exact rate of the product. However, we have seen the price of the doctor centrifuge ranging from around Rs 7,000 to Rs 20,000. In Tripureswor, Kathamandu, there are multiple suppliers. But, you can contact the Sunrise Surgical Houses (+977-1-4796078/4796069/4796080/4796081). It is an authorized dealer for the doctor centrifuge of REMI company.

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