Fogger Machine: Types, Principle, Operation, Maintenance and Price

A fogger machine is a type of machine, that is needed in fogging a room. There are different variations available in the fogger machine. Some of them have a rotating head. On the other hand, the machines of other models have got the fixed head. Similarly, some of them have an inbuilt timer in them while the others do not have. In such a case, you need to connect an external timer manually.

Here we will be talking about the difference between the process of fogging and fumigation, the working principle of the fogger machine, the method of operation, price, and contact detail for you to purchase(if you want) in Nepal. 

Difference between Fogging and Fumigation

The term fogging is slightly different from fumigation. Some of the major differences between fogging and fumigation process are stated below.

Fumigation Fogging
Formaldehyde and potassium permanganate are mostly in use Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions are mostly in use
The chemical formaldehyde is carcinogenic These chemicals do not have any serious health hazards
De-fumigation is necessary, to get rid of the residues once the fumigation is over. Cleaning after fogging is not necessary
Should carry it around, like a fire extinguisher while operating Need a fogger machine to operate. The fogger machine remains at a fixed place.
Band in most of the countries Popular all over the globe

Fogging Process

  • Turn off the AC. This is because AC allows the disinfected air to escape out of the room and brings in the contaminated air.
  • Clean the room to get rid of dust and dirt particles before fogging.
  • Cover your machinery equipment with plastic (if necessary). You can clean them later with 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Solutions such as acetone, benzene, and alcohol are flammable. So, do not dispense these solutions.
  • Users should not expose themselves to disinfectants.
  • Do not operate a fogger machine in an open room. Also, once the process is complete, leave the room for an hour for the disinfectants to work effectively.

Working Mechanism of Fogger Machine

A fogger machine mainly consists of a tank at the base to store a disinfectant solution. When the machine turns on, the fan at the back activates. This removes air from the tube connecting to the tank and the head creating a vacuum. So, the disinfectant solution moves up through the tube. This fluid also blows away by the fan in the form of tiny bubbles. The fluid bubbles come out of the nozzle of the head and then scatters around. 

There is a controller that controls the flow of fluid released through the nozzle of the machine. If you reduce the flow rate, the bubbles created, will be of smaller diameter and vice versa. Due to the less weight of the bubbles, the inertia of motion of bubbles, and the buoyancy of the air, these bubbles will travel a longer distance.  Thus if you decrease the flow rate of the disinfectants, the chemical will cover more areas of the room.  If you have a bigger room, then this might be useful for you.  Also due to less weight, the disinfectant will remain in the air for a longer period of time.


There are many companies that manufacture fogger machines. But I have mainly used the machine of Aerojet Company of India. You can find the figure for this machine on the internet. The machine consists of a fan. A white color air filter covers this fan. The fan connects to the brushed motor. It also consists of a flowrate controller to control the release of the fluid of the tank. The tank can either be of stainless steel or plastic.

During the time of operation, the machine connects to the plug. The plug can have a timer inbuilt in it. Since the machine operates in a closed room, it is not a good idea to get inside to turn off the machine. So, due to these reasons, the timer is really useful.

There are two types of fogger machines; one has got a rotating head and the other has got a fixed head.

What I don’t like about the fogger machine with a non-rotating head!!

  • The machine can disperse fog forward and sideward but not backward. So you need to put the machine on two opposite sides of the room and then operate it twice to disinfect the room properly.
  • The disinfectant covers less area.

What I like about the fogger machine with a rotating head!!

  • Since the machine rotates at 3600, place it in the middle of the room. This will allow the disinfectant to cover more area.
  • While operating the machine, place it 3 feet above the ground level on a stable surface. Also, make sure to tilt the head of the fogger machine at an angle of 450. This will allow the fluid to cover more distance.

Maintenance of the Fogger Machine

  • You can replace the carbon brush if needed.
  • The circular whitish part at the tip of the nozzle of the machine may rupture over the course of time. So,  you need to replace it in that case.

Price of the Fogger Machine in Nepal

The price of the fogger machine can depend upon various factors such as country of origin, features of the machine, brand, material used, the spray distance, etc. So, the price of the fogger machine can range from about Rs 5000 to Rs 80000.

You can buy the machine online. However, if you want to purchase a good fogger machine for your hospitals or the pharmaceutical companies you can contact the given number (+977-1-4796078/4796069/4796080/4796081) or click on the link. The supplier is known as the Sunrise Surgical House which is located in Tripureswor, Kathmandu.

You can also contact the given number (01-4261897/ 01-4268429/ 01-4268542) or click on the link. The supplier is known as the Bikash Surgical Concern Pvt. Ltd, which is also located in Tripureswor, Kathmandu.

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