N95 Mask vs KN95 Mask- Comparison, Applications, Price, etc.

N95 Mask or the KN95 Mask is the 4-5 layers, the disposable mask that provides better protection than cloth mask or the surgical mask. So, you can say that it provides better filtration of dirt, dust, spores, bacteria, virus, etc. You can purchase it from the local market. But, it is not suitable for the common people like us, who work in a contaminated environment. These kinds of masks are designed for the medical professional who works in contamination-free areas such as the operation theaters. 

Here we will be discussing the differences between the N95 and the KN95 masks, the method of using them, their uses, price, etc.

Comparison between N95 and KN95 Masks

Just like the N95 mask, there is another type of mask as well. It is known as the KN95 mask. They are equivalent to one another. 

N95 KN95
Based upon US standards. Based on China’s standards
More than 4 layers More than 4 layers
Flow rate:- 85 liters/min Flow rate:- 85 liters/min
Filtration:- 95% of particles less than or equals to 0.3 micrometers diameter Filtration:- 95% of particles less than or equals to 0.3 micrometers diameter
The ear loops fix around the head. The ear loops fix around the ear pinnae.

These masks also come with and without filters. Since these masks consist of at least 4 layers, one can feel difficulty while breathing. Thus for convenience, these masks are provided with filters. Even though these masks are comfortable to wear, they allow a one-way flow of air (from a person to the environment). So, filter masks only protect the one who is using them but not the public.  For this reason, most countries have banned this product. Thus, do not purchase these kinds of masks.

Can you reuse N95 mask?

These kinds of masks are disposable in nature. So, it is better to replace it periodically. Theoretically, the life span of these kinds of masks is about 8 hours of continuous usage.  However, the level of pollution, handling procedure of the user, etc. can alter this time period. 

Can you wash N95 mask?

(How to disinfect N95 mask?)

Yes, you can wash the N95 mask, but the effectiveness of the mask will certainly decrease. Washing can certainly help to remove dirt and dust off the mask. But, the main purpose of the N95 mask is to protect the user from micro-organisms. So, by washing, the inner layer of the mask will certainly deteriorate. It will disorient the porosity of the mask. Thus, the effectiveness of the mask will reduce.

During the period of Covid-19, various companies have developed new technologies to sanitize masks. One of them is the use of a hand sanitizer sprayer, which is filled with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The other effective way is by the use of sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of 1% or less. Just make sure that the hypochlorite solution does not corrode your mask. But again, I do not recommend you reuse the N95 mask.

How to wear N95 mask?

  • Don’t wear the mask inside out. Else, dust and dirt will stick to the adhesive layer of the mask.
  • Hold the ear loops of the mask. Then put it on by adjusting it to the ear pinnae. After that, adjust the nose and chin portion of the face mask.
  • Follow the reverse process while removing the mask. Do not take your palms towards your mouth, eyes, and nostrils.
  • If you are in a clean and open environment, it is better not to wear a mask. Taking a deep breath of fresh air is good for your health.
  • I also suggest you, do not wear N95/ KN95 masks while doing exercises. While doing exercises your body needs more oxygen. These kinds of masks obstruct the outflow of the exhaled air. Thus, you will be inhaling the recently released air which is high in CO2 concentration. High CO2 concentration in the body is not good for health.
  • Once you remove it from your face, dispose of it in a dustbin.

N95/ KN95 Mask Price in Nepal

The price of the N95/ KN98 mask can depend upon a number of factors such as the quality of the mask, order size, etc. 

The N95 mask price ranges from around Rs 30 – Rs 50 per piece. 

When it comes to the KN95 masks, there are 3-4 qualities of masks. With the advent of the coronavirus and lockdown in Nepal, few Nepalese companies have started to manufacture the KN95 masks. At present, the normal KN95 mask price ranges from around Rs 10 – Rs 18 per piece. As stated before, the price can also differ with the order size. So, if you are purchasing a bulk of such masks, you may even get a certain discount. 

You can easily get these kinds of masks from your retail shops. However, if you want to purchase a bulk amount of the KN95/ N95 masks, then you may contact the given number (+977 9841761590). The supplier is available in Balaju, Kathmandu. 


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