Steam Vaporizer- Features, Price, and the Application

A steam vaporizer consists of two terms. The term ‘vaporizer’, refers to the device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapor. Similarly, the term ‘steam’, refers to the vapor of water. Hence a steam vaporizer is a device that converts the available water in the form of vapor. It is also known as the steam inhaler. It is used for the purpose of steam therapy. In this blog, we will be talking about the method of operation of the steam vaporizer, applications, and price of the machine in the Nepalese market.

How to use steam vaporizer?

The steam vaporizer consists of a container for holding the water. You need to put tap water inside the container up to the marked level. Do not over or underfill the water. Then connect the upper attachment. The upper attachment is broad and conical shaped. It is useful for taking steam all over the face.

Then, attach the power cable to the power supply. Wait for a while. Once the steam begins to rise up from the machine, you can take a steam therapy. If the steam is too much, then you can turn off the machine. Similarly, if the steam is not sufficient, then add a small portion of salt to increase the conductivity of water.

Most of the companies will have more than one attachment.  Besides the cone-shaped attachment, you may even have the nose piece. It is useful to take a steam in the nose. It is also known as a nose steamer or nose vaporizer.

Another smaller attachment can have a small hole in it. It is applicable in the facial sauna. Thus, it is known as a facial sauna steamer.

Why RO water may not be used?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water or distilled water has got a very low amount of ions in it. Ions are responsible for the flow of current. Since there is not a sufficient amount of ions, the water will behave as an insulator.  Due to this reason, sufficient steam will not be produced.

Thus, if you are planning to use RO or distilled water, make sure to add about 1/4 tablespoons of salt. This will increase the conductivity of the water.

For the steam vaporizer, the most suitable form of water will be tap water. Tap water consists of sufficient ions and minerals. So, the steam that you will get will be sufficient for use.

Never use hard water in it, because it consists of an excess amount of minerals and ions. Thus, water will allow the flow of a high amount of current. Due to this reason, the chances of the burning of the cables and the electrodes will be high. Similarly, the excess minerals and the ions will cause calcification within the machine. So, in a long run, it will deteriorate the structure of the vaporizer container.

Steam vaporizer for cold and cough

A steam vaporizer is useful for steam therapy. Unlike other kinds of vaporizers, it does not use any kind of medication. Thus, it will not have many side effects.

Steam therapy may not be effective for the treatment of infections of viruses and bacteria. This is because the temperature of the steam will not be sufficient to destroy the infection-causing micro-organisms.  However, it aids in the treatment of the infections such as cold, flu, and sinusitis.

The infection can cause an increase in the layer of mucus in the nose, throat, lungs, etc. This is responsible for different kinds of symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sinus headache, sore throat, etc. So steam therapy will reduce the mucus layer. Due to this, it will help to reduce these symptoms to some extend. However, do not assume that it will be sufficient for the treatment of the infections (such as covid, asthma, etc. ).  For more details, visit your doctor.

Steam therapy can also have some side effects. The hot temperature of the steam can cause the burning of the respiratory tract. Thus the patient can also face the problem of headache. Similarly, it might affect eyesight.

Steam vaporizer price in Nepal

The price of the vaporizer mainly depends on the number of attachments it has got. Some of the vaporizers will have a single purpose. Others will have multiple features. The outer box will have 3 in 1 feature. This means that it will have three attachments for multiple purposes. Some other vaporizers may have a facemask along with the machine.

The price of the steam vaporizer can normally range from around Rs 400 to Rs 1500 in the Nepalese Market. I suggest you, do not spend more than Rs 700 on the product.

Which is the best steam vaporizer?

The term ‘best’ may not be suitable in the case of steam vaporizers. They are all made up of plastic. The technology used for heating the water is similar and simple. You may not get any warranty on the product. If not handled properly, the machine can damage at any time. So on the basis of quality, I do not consider any steam inhaler better than the other.

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