Sunrise Surgical House- Authorized Distributor of Diff. Companies

Sunrise Surgical House is one of the oldest suppliers in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in 2005 AD. As the name suggests, it began its operation with the distribution of surgical items. But with the passage of time, it has expanded its sector of operation. Nowadays it is mainly involved with the distribution of different products of the laboratory, pharmaceuticals, orthopedics, microbiology, etc. It is an authorized distributor of more than 10 international companies which we will discuss in this topic. The company consists of at least 20 staff. Besides the sales of the consumable surgical items, it provides the installation of the equipment, user guidance, training, maintenance, etc, throughout Nepal.

List of authorized companies of Sunrise Surgical House

As of this day, at least a thousand of its products are being operated throughout the country. Sunrise Surgical House is an authorized dealer of multiple companies. Thus, here we will go through some of the most important products that the company is selling in the Nepalese market.


REMI is the manufacturer of laboratory and healthcare products. Some of the key products of the company are stated below.

Products Remarks
Laboratory Stirrers Ranging from 20 to 80 liters
Magnetic Stirrers with or without a hot plate Ranging from 1 to 20 liters
Cyclo Mixer
Water Bath with or without the shaker For 15 liters or more
Centrifuge Benchtop and floor model centrifuges with different capacities for different applications such as research, clinics, blood bank, laboratory, etc.
Microplate Shaker Shaking speed of 300 to 1800 RPM.
Tube Roller Mixer For 7 tubes with the capacity of 15 ml, at a time.
Rotary Shaker
Oven Ranging from 50 to 80 liters.
Incubator Heating, cooling and shaking types with different volume capacities.
Freeze and Cold Cabinets For hospitals, blood banks, pharmaceuticals, research, etc.
Humidity and Stability Chamber Ranging from 200 liters to 1000 liters
Walk-in Stability Chamber Ranging from 5000 to 15000 liters
Blood Collection Monitor
Tube Sealer and stripper
Plasma expresser Manual and Automatic
VDRL shaker 50- 300 rpm

REMI was established in 1960 AD, in India. Since then, it has been exporting its products to more than 50 countries. The company and the products have the WHO-GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and CE certificates.

Sunrise Surgical House is the main partner of the REMI company. As per the supplier, the REMI products have been installed throughout the country. Some of the major clients of the REMI products are the Grande International Hospital, Nepal Cancer Hospital, Birat Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, etc.

2. Diatron

Hematolgoy Analyzer of Diatron Company (Abacus 380), Sunrise Surgical House
Image Source:- https://tecil.com/en/producto/abacus-380-3/

Diatron is a manufacturer of hematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers for both medical and veterinary uses. The company also deals with reagents and QC products of their own or the products of other manufacturing companies. Besides that, the company has also started manufacturing immunological products such as IFA, ELISA, and CLIA.

The company was first founded in Budapest, Hungary in 1990 AD. Ever since its foundation, the brand name of Diatron has been established in more than 100 countries. The product has been CE, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified.

In Nepal, Sunrise Surgical House has been the authorized dealer of Diatron Company. It deals with the hematology analyzer and the clinical chemistry analyzer. You can find these units in Nepal Police Hospital, B.P. Smriti Hospital, etc.

3. Kapitol Group International Ltd

Statlyte C, Electrolyte Analyzer of Kapitol Group International Ltd, Sunrise Surgical House
Image Source:- https://sunrisesurgicalhouse.com/brochure?brochure=products/WLtzyKqVAbxmD432LxASBBWkKPFz2n7VRXPn3Hg5.pdf

Kapitol Group International Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of products such as chemistry, hematology, immunology, and electrolyte analyzer. Besides that, it also deals with the HbA1C analyzer and POCT-Diabetes care products.

The company was founded in Taiwan in 2000 AD. The products have gained the certificates such as GMP, CE, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485.

In Nepal, Sunrise Surgical House has been one of the authorized dealers of Kapitol Group International Ltd. It deals with the electrolyte analyzer. The popular electrolyte analyzer, known as Statlyte C, has been installed in Kanti Hospital, Police Hospital, Bhaktapur Heart and Diabetic Center, B.P. Smriti Hospital, etc. So, if you want to know more about this product you can consult those places.

4. Radiant Enterprises

The Radiant Enterprises manufacture fogging systems for ULV dispensing of biocides, fungicides, etc. It is useful to maintain a sterile environment in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, research labs, food processing industries, etc.

Fogger Machine of Radiant Enterprises
Image Source:- https://sunrisesurgicalhouse.com/product-single/20

There are different models available for the purpose of disinfection. Some of them are manual systems. The others are automated air-borne devices. The company has also taken the philosophy of hand and feet sanitization.

The company was founded in Ahmedabad, India in 2000 AD. Now it has got many distributors throughout the continents. In Nepal, the authorized dealer of the products of Radiant Enterprises is Sunrise Surgical Houses.

There are many units of Aerojet and Fogstar Power Jet models, installed in different parts of Nepal. Some of them are Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center, Panas Pharmaceuticals, etc.

5.  Agappe

Protein Analyzer (MISPA i3) of Agappe Company
Image Source:- https://www.omnia-health.com/product/mispa-i3

Agappe is a manufacturer of clinical and diagnostic products. Some of the products of the Aappe include Biochemistry Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Protein Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, etc. Besides that, it also deals with the reagents and the controls for their products.

Agappe was established in 1995 AD in Switzerland. It has got many corporate offices in many parts of the world including India. This Swiss-based company with an Indian production has got few of the most important certificates in the world. Some of them are the GMP and the FDA-approved certificates.

Sunrise Surgical House is one of the authorized distributors of Agappe. It deals with the protein analyzer. The models include Mispa i3 and Mispa i4. The units have been installed in National Medical College, Grande International Hospital, NRL (National Reference Laboratory), etc.

6. HiMedia 

It is one of the leading manufacturers of Animal Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture, and Molecular Biology. It is known for manufacturing a complete range of chromogenic and  HiVeg™ media products. It provides a wide range of Vegetable Hydrolysate based microbiology culture media (HiVeg™).

The company has made its presence in more than 140 countries including Nepal, Europe, and Canada. Among a few of the authorized dealers of HiMedia, Sunrise Surgical House is one of them. You can contact the supplier to get the product at a cheaper rate. You can find these products in almost every hospital in Nepal.

7. Rayto

RT-2100C Microplate Reader, ELISA, Rayto
Image Source:- http://www.rayto.com/product

The products of Rayto are similar to that of the Agappe. Some of them are the electrolyte, coagulation, chemistry, and immunology analyzer. However, in comparison to the Agappe, the products are cheaper and easily available in the market.

Rayto was established in Shenzen, China in 2000 AD. Now, it has got distributors throughout the globe. One of the authorized dealers of Rayto products is the Sunrise Surgical House. It deals with the ELISA plate reader, ELISA plate washer, and the semi-auto biochemistry analyzer. You can find these products in Bluebird International Clinic and Bhaktapur Heart and Diabetic Center.

The company had got the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates in 2003 AD. Besides that many of their products have got CE and CMD certificates.

8. Others

There are many more companies that Sunrise Surgical House deals with. Some of the remaining companies are stated below.

Companies Country of Origin Products
Nikon Japan Microscope
Labline India Dry bath incubator, Rotary Mixture
J. Homecare Wheelchair, Semi folder bed, 2 cranks manual medical hospital bed, plastic armrest, and backrest commode chair
Apel Japan Bilirubin Meter
EDAN China Fetal and Maternal Care Monitor
Medica USA Blood Gas Analyzer
Biota Turkey ESR Analyzer
Qualigens (ThermoFisher Scientific) India Acid and Solvent
Sino Care China Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Address of Sunrise Surgical House

The office of the Sunrise Surgical House is located in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu. Similarly, the shop is located in Tripureswor, Kathmandu. You can make a contact at the given number (+977-1-4786078/ 4786069) or send a mail-in, info@sunrisesurgicalhouse.com.


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